Are you being called...Would you like to take the journey following in the path of Saints Francis and Clare of Assisi?


Many people use the word vocation (from the Latin vocare, meaning "to call") in reference to the call to be a priest, sister, or brother. However, our Catholic understanding of vocation is much broader: every baptized person has a vocation--a call--to love and serve God. How you choose to live out that vocation is what each person must discern. Some feel called to live as single or married laypeople; others choose consecrated life and join a religious community as sisters, brothers or priests; still others choose ordination as deacons or priests.


As a community we follow the charism of the Third Order Regular of St. Francis. We engage in the mixed life (active-contemplatives), but we make every effort to emphasize the contemplative aspects of the Franciscan Way of Life without negating the active life. We live simple contemplative lives in the midst of our current circumstances, going from contemplation to action (ministry) and from action back to contemplation. 



Would you like to take a journey following the path of Saints Francis and Clare of Assisi?

If you feel that you are being called to our way of life feel free to contact us . . . 

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Persons showing interest in our Franciscan way of life and showing interest for the Community will be first welcomed as a candidate. The applicant will undergo an interview with the Community Servant and the local servant who will recommend the applicant to the Community for Candidacy. Candidacy is a very loose period when the candidate begins to explore the community. It is usually no less than three (3) months and its focus should be getting to know the candidate. After the period of Candidacy the candidate will petition the Community for admission into Postulancy. He/she will them receive the Tau Cross as a symbol of his/her new journey with Our Franciscan community.


This phase is considered as an initial step in the formal formation process with our Community. Postulants embark in a journey of personal growth, scripture studies and introduction into the Franciscan way of life. This initial formation is to also include and introduction to the history of the  Franciscan movement and an introduction to the lives of Ss. Francis and Clare. Postulancy consists of usually six (6) months to one (1) year, to facilitate the Community and the Postulant to grow in relationship with each other and see if we fit well together. S/he will be accompanied on the journey by a spiritual mentor, who can be selected by the Postulant or appointed by the Community Servant. 
During Postulancy the postulant is to pray the Franciscan morning and evening prayer of praise, attend weekly community gatherings and monthly gatherings, and actively participate in the weekend Eucharist celebration at a local faith community. At the end of Postulancy the Postulant will be recommended for either an extension postulancy or admittance into Novitiate by the local community to the Community Servant and to the community at large.


Upon completing of Postulancy, the person in formation will formally petition for admittance into Novitiate in writing. The Community will gather in prayer and all members will vote if to accept the new Novice. With the approval of the Community Servant and consensus of the Community the Postulant will be received into Novitiate by receiving the Franciscan habit and Our Rule of Life. S/he will then commence a period of intense prayerful discernment and study in preparation for commitment to the Vows that will last one (1) full canonical year (one year and a day).
During Novitiate there will be a deeper exploration of the spiritual life, the requirements of Franciscan living, and an understanding and meaning of how we live our three vows.  During this period it will be essential for the novice along with the spiritual mentor to recognize the novice's call to our life of prayer and contemplation and various apostolates. This will call for constant prayer and deep listening.  At the end of the year the novice will take on temporary vows of Simplicity of Life, Purity of Heart and Obedience for a period of one (1) year.​



It is a time when the the consecrated religious commits to a full communion with the Community and to our Vows and Rule of Life. Before professing first vows, the novice will meet with our Community Servant, who will recommend profession to the Community. If accepted, the religious will be encouraged to continue his/her formation seeking to further his/her understanding of the Franciscan Way of life. 
As a Community we have adopted a more contemporary understanding of the evangelical councils and adapted them to life in our current age yet maintaining their spirit in how they are to be lived out in our community. At  a designated time and place, the novice will profess the vows of Simplicity, Purity of Heart and Obedience, in the context of a communal celebration of the Eucharist. The newly professed will live his/her Religious Life among us as s/he prepares to renew his/her profession yearly and after four (4) years may petition the Minister General  for making a life commitment with the community.