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Sacred Heart Franciscan Outreach was born out of deep concern for the needs of the poor and disfranchised. The Outreach seeks to serve those in the margins, the ones that have been forgotten by society. With a Franciscan heart, we aim to serve the poor joyfully proclaiming God’s Word and when necessary use words.

We work to promote the re-humanization of those dehumanized by society. We aim to take a prophetic stance against injustice and violence by uniting our voices and our efforts to those who aim to end discrimination based on race, ethnicity, and sexual orientation. 

We promote efforts to support those who are ill and disabled. We work in educating people about HIV/AIDS specially those of Hispanic origins. We also promote spiritual counseling groups for those who are infected bringing them hope and spirituality. 

​Part of our mission is also to promote protection of the environment. We promote initiatives that lead to that end, to create a more sustainable way of producing food by promoting home farming. 
All of our actions are aimed to become peacemakers and reconciles by being ministers of love, welcome and reconciliation among all peoples. 


Br. Tom Weems assists in a Homeless Shelter Ministry in Safety Harbor.

Our Mission Statement:

​"The Sacred Heart Franciscan Outreach, like all the Franciscan family, is called to respond to the words spoken to Saint Father Francis to 'rebuild My Church' by living the Gospel in the midst of our modern society and following his example. In this, we strive to be reconcilers with our sisters and brothers and with all of Creation. We joyfully proclaim the Gospel, using words only when necessary, through loving and welcoming all and by serving those in most need and that have been dehumanized by our modern world."