​Franciscans of the Holy Spirit is a non-residential community of vowed Sisters and Brothers, in the tradition of the Third Order Regular. We have come together to live out our Baptismal call to holiness,  by the witness of  our lives, following Sts. Francis and Clare of Assisi, who made Christ the center and inspiration of their lives

In a culture of anxiety, greed, and violence, we are seeking to live another rhythm of life, to transform ourselves into living temples of the Spirit. 


As Franciscans, we owe our inspiration to St. Francis (Francesco di Bernardone) , an affluent young merchant from the Italian town of Assisi, who in 1206 renounced his wealth and social status.  


Through his own conversion of heart, he chose a life dedicated to God and the Gospel, to serve the least of God’s people. Soon, other men and women joined him to begin a vast movement of Gospel renewal within the Church.  


Although, St. Francis of Assisi began his solitary life of penance, he devoted himself to prayer, working among the poor and the most vulnerable in society; rebuilding the church, both physically and spiritually. Soon, others were attracted to his way of life and ministry.


Throughout the centuries, many have followed the example of St. Francis in their homes, convents and monasteries.


Our lives as Franciscans are formed and committed to prayer, social outreach to the poor, the marginalized, the sick, the most vulnerable of society.


As a Religious Community, we are not associated or under the jurisdiction of the Bishop of Rome, nor are part of the Roman Catholic Church.


We seek to actively engage ALL people, in a more progressive Catholic tradition.  


We take seriously the freedom of faith and conscience of the individual."   We share our Franciscan joy in building relationships, through faith, compassion, inclusion and acceptance.


We are a generational diverse group of religious, who have committed ourselves to transformation and conversion of heart, through worship, prayer, study, ministry and ecumenism.


The Franciscans of the Holy Spirit, is a Religious Order, who are non-Roman.  We are progressive and inclusive Catholics, grounded in the Catholic tradition.

Each local Community and religious is committed to the Order,  through our obedience to our Rule of Life and Constitution.


Our Communities and each religious is committed to witnessing the Gospel and celebrating the diversity of God’s people. We attempt to adapt our spirituality to the circumstances of contemporary life, while honoring a rich legacy of spiritual traditions, of which, we are the beneficiaries.


We honor the traditional threefold vows of religious life, giving them a new understanding.  Our expression of the vows, including celibacy, in our Rule of Life, are meant to be inclusive, transformative, and relevant to our life today, while staying faithful to the spirit of the vows. 


While life in common is not lived, we recognize that for many who desire to lead a life of prayer and mission, this is not possible. Therefore, members of the Community often maintain a personal residence and lifestyle,  they lived before entering the Community.  This makes us a dispersed and non-residential Community, sharing a common rhythm of life; a "monastery without walls".

A Rhythm of Life is designated to help us discover and connect with the Spirit of God in our everyday lives. 


Would you like to take a journey following the path of Saints Francis and Clare of Assisi?

As a community we follow the charism of the Third Order Regular of St. Francis. We engage in the mixed life (active-contemplatives), but we make every effort to emphasize the contemplative aspects of the Franciscan Way of Life without negating the active life.


We live simple contemplative lives in the midst of our current circumstances, going from contemplation to action (ministry) and from action back to contemplation.


If you feel that you are being called to our way of life feel free to contact us . . . 


T.: (772) 206-1423
​E.: franciscansofhs@gmail.com